Everything you will ever need to know about Feeling the Street.

  • What is Feeling the Street?

    Feeling the Street is an online competition celebrating street musicians from all over the world. It started in 2015, is brought to you by TOYOTA, and has been created to put the spotlight on unknown street performers. In Season Two of Feeling the Street, musicians have six weeks to enter the competition by uploading video of themselves performing. The public get to vote for their favourites with a simple ‘like’. Once the Top 40 are decided, the voters get to name their ultimate band line-up. The six winners will go on tour in October 2016, along with six lucky voters.

  • Who can enter?

    Street musicians from anywhere in the world, who are 18 years of age or older, and have an original song are all welcome! You can’t submit a cover song – here’s why.

    Musicians fit into one of six categories: Vocals, Brass/Woodwind, Guitar/Bass, Keys, Drums and Miscellaneous [link to all categories]. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which category you belong in. If you are singer who plays guitar and keyboard, it is your call as to whether you enter Vocals, Guitar or Keys. If you are a one-man band who sings, you can enter Miscellaneous or Vocals.

    If you have any questions about entering, including which category you should choose, talk to us


  • Who can vote?

    Anyone with a Facebook account. Once you sign in, you can ‘like’ anyone you want – voting is as easy as that.

    You can share the love around and vote for as many performers you want – it is a competition, after all. If you change your mind about a performer, you can simply ‘unlike’ them.

    There will be artists added to the site every day for the first six weeks of Feeling the Street, so don’t forget to come back, see who’s new and vote for the best.

  • What if I don’t have a Facebook account?

    Unfortunately, to be eligible to participate in this campaign, you will need a Facebook profile. The reasons for this are:

    1. So we can protect you and your personal information.

    2. So we know it's a fair competition and that people are registering only once.

    3. So that you can easily share the amazing talents of all of the incredible Feeling the Street musicians with your friends and family.

  • How is the Top 40 chosen?

    By you guys! The 40 musicians liked the most by voters become the Top 40 and the only buskers eligible to be picked by you for the Global Street Band.

  • How does the band come together?

    The final winners will be the six musicians picked together the most amount of times by you guys. Together they'll perform on the road on the tour of a lifetime in Australia in October.

  • What’s up with the winning voters?

    Six voters  are picked to tour with the band and join them on the trip of a lifetime. They will cruise around with the band, travel to some of the most unique locations in Australia and see the band perform. To be into win a spot, get voting!

  • When will the winners be announced?

    The winning Global Street Band – and the six voters who will tour with them – will be revealed from September 20, 2016.

  • I was in Feeling the Street last year. Can I enter again?

    Yes you can! To keep things fresh, we’d love to see a new video, so go ahead and enter here or email us here.

    If you were a winner last year, sorry, but you are not eligible to win Season Two.

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