Season One

In 2015, Feeling the Street hit the road in New Zealand.

Last year, the very first Global Street Band travelled the length of New Zealand, writing, recording and performing in front of thousands of new fans.

Follow their 2015 journey below.

Keep it Up

The Global Street Band’s second song, created in collaboration with their producer Jason Kerrison, is called ‘Keep it Up’ and it sounds like a hit to us! If you were in Queenstown, New Zealand, for the band’s concert, you will have heard it. If you weren’t, have a look and a listen to this clip that includes some of the terrific highlights of the road trip.

Thank You!

We cannot thank each and every person involved in the the first-ever year of Feeling the Street enough – it has been an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime ride. Here’s a clip that expresses our gratitude and debuts one of the Global Street Band’s original songs, ‘On the Road’.


We came, we sang, we conquered. Day Eight of the road trip was all about getting our Global Street Band ready for their debut. The band of six rehearsed all morning - with a brief break to appear live on New Zealand television - then headed to the venue for a final rehearsal and sound check. But nothing could have prepared the band, the roadies and their crew for the amazingness that was their performance that evening... they rocked Queenstown!


Off-road adventuring during the biggest snowfall New Zealand's seen this year kept our VIP roadies and their vehicles busy on Day Seven. The musicians stayed inside and got ready for the American Express Queenstown Winter Festival gig, where they'll be debuting two original, brand-new songs!

You can get a sneak peak of the tunes in today's video.


Adrenaline was the theme of Day Six of the road trip. The team headed up to Cecil Peak via The Helicopter Line to enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake Wakatipu at 1,978 metres. They then travelled to the Shotover river to go jet boating. Next stop was the Skyline Queenstown Gondola for for lunch and some Bungy jumping, so our rock stars could enjoy Queenstown from upside down.

After all this high speed and high flying, we came back to the hotel for an epic jam session.


We headed to the snowy South Island on Day Five and settled into Queenstown, our home for the next four days. The band got to work in their new rehearsal space, preparing some brand-new songs for their performance on Friday night.


We took the scenic route to New Zealand’s cultural capital, Rotorua, stopping to see a few prize horses on the way.

Then we had a Maori welcome, leant a bit about the Maori people, who are the indigenous people of New Zealand, and a hangi, which is a Maori earth oven. 


We got powerful on Day Three. There was car racing at a racetrack, big waves at a West Coast North Island beach and the Global Super Band had an entire afternoon at a local surf club to rehearse for their big gig at the American Express Queenstown Winter Festival.


Another day, another jam session! Today we took our team by boat and car to Waiheke Island, to practice their tunes right by the ocean. They played some blues, a little samba and lots of rock ‘n’ roll.

As one of our buskers, Andrew Fisher, says, “Being able to play with all these different people from everywhere is really, really cool… It’s the most fun I’ve had in forever.”


We put our musicians right to work on Day One of the 2015 Feeling the Street Road Trip. Check out their arrival into Auckland from all over world - it was very exciting!

That afternoon, the Global Street Band's very first rehearsal with their music producer for the next week, Jason Kerrison, took place and it was awesome how quickly they sounded like a band that's been jamming for years.


They're on their way to New Zealand (from Poland, USA, Colombia, Spain and Belgium), where they'll be travelling the length of the country, from Auckland to Queenstown, exploring the sights and sounds and jamming all over the country.

Check out their amazing talents here.

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